ERGOFurn - a brand associated with high quality products, distinct functionality, contemporary design and innovative technology. A name synonymous with efficiency, professionalism and competence. The Head Office and the international distribution centre of ERGOFurn in located in Denmark.

ERGOFurn is a spin-off of Jysk Furniture Factory, which was founded in 1987
as a family business in Denmark.

ERGOFurn’s manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced technology, specializing in sophisticated and refined, ondemand
customization of desk tables for offices, schools, rehabilitation and people with special needs.
The final assembly stage of the products takes place in Denmark, from where items are dispatched across Europe.
ERGOFurn already has an established name in Denmark, where the company is a regular supplier for schools, agencies, offices
and government institutions. The brand has earned its high quality stamp, the result of decades of experience and precision in
customization and on-demand special orders.
The product spectrum includes furniture for formal office environments, nurseries; schools; conference centres and rehabilitation
institutions. ERGOFurn desks and tables are specifically manufactured to offer the latest functionalities for comfort and health on
the workplace.
ERGOFurn offers multi-functional desk tables with sophisticated solutions for the furnishing of educational environments such as
IT training rooms, recording studios as well as areas of public administration, police, firehouse and civil protection.
The ERGOFurn desks benefit from ergonomic qualities, contemporary design, durable structure and livelong quality guarantee.

The Company is familiy owned by Hareskov Jensen.

Ceo of the company : Niels Hareskov Jensen

Sales Director : Lillian M. Jakobsen

If you should have any questions about the company feel free to contact us.